Sunday, November 13, 2016

Berlin I

Berlin IBerlin IBerlin IBerlin IBerlin IBerlin IBerlin I

A few weeks back I had some work to do in Berlin and was able to extend the trip by a few more extra days. It was the first time for me traveling on my own in 18 months since Matilda was born.
I was super lucky and blessed with the best Autumn weather one could wish for. It was sunny and a bit crisp but not freezing and I loved the signs of the season, the changing colours of the leaves, the light, for still being able to sit outside having a coffee....I rented a bike for the weekend which was the best decision as I was able to move around so quickly.

Here are a few impressions of my days there ....


Kim said...

Beautiful. As always xx

M said...

I'm glad I found your blog! Not many people still blog for their interests now(given that a lot of bloggers are very commercialized nowadays). Now I can occupied myself with all your archives! :D Hope you have a great day!