Monday, December 29, 2014

Northern Beaches

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A few more beach impressions.
I am trying to bring my camera out for walks here in Hamburg but the light is rare here in Winter so it will take longer to get a roll of film full. We are still waiting to get our container from Sydney until then my digital camera is locked away and all I can show you are some more impressions from Australia. I hope you don't mind. I am also working on my yearly review....hopefully it will be ready soon :) Just a few more days to go.

>< Mieke and Renilde made the wonderful ABC book which I can't wait to receive in the mail. Have a look here.


Sara said...

Don't mind at all. :) Lovely photos. Looking forward to the review.

Rebecca said...

I never mind! All your Sydney beaches shots are a sight for sore eyes and the more the merrier!
Happy holidays from Paris :)