Friday, May 9, 2014

Mr Kitly in Melbourne

Mr Kitly / MelbourneMr Kitly / MelbourneMr Kitly / MelbourneMr Kitly / MelbourneMr Kitly / Melbourne

After going up the stairs of this house in Brunswick you enter an apartment which contains the most wonderful shop. Mr Kitly has been a long-time favourite of mine and whenever I am in Melbourne I am trying to visit, look at the beautiful selection of things and plants standing around in all the many shelves. There are lots of pieces made by local artists but you can also feel the connection of the shop to Japan in a lot of the pieces they sell. Everything is so well selected and just little pieces of art themselves. If you go to Melbourne, do make sure this shop is on your list of places to see!

Have a wonderful weekend.


querido diário said...

It is such a beautiful place, it looks like it is not even a shop but a wonderful house :) amazing light Maria!

mieke willems said...

i'd love to visit mr. kitly!
nice photos!

Elize Strydom said...

Oh wow, I love the look of this place...and your photos. I haven't been to Melbourne for a while but next time I go, I'll check it out. You're always going on adventures - it's so wonderful! E x

Andrea said...

Do you maybe know the name of the plant on the 4th picture, the big one with the nice leaves. Das ist doch keine Banane oder?

Andrea said...

Hi, what a special place. Do you maybe know which plant is on the 4th photo? I'm looking for something like this. Anyway I don't know if I could find it in Europe.