Friday, May 23, 2014

A few more from Melbourne

Heide Museum // Melbourne

A few more shots from our time in Melbourne. It is such a great place to just walk and get lost in its neighbourhoods and small laneways.

#1 Lightleak monstera
#2 Artwork in Fityroy by Lucas Grogan
#3 The new & second Third Drawer Down shop in Prahan also I love the Australian crossing sign with the the legs w/ shoes #4/5 Market Lane coffee in Prahan, they opened up a new cafe also designed by Hearth
 #6 A street scene in Prahan
#7 We went to the wonderful Heide museum which is located a bit out of Melbourne but very worth the visit (they also have a great garden)


Nit said...

I loved Melbourne so much when I was there this past January (which I guess is not exactly original, everyone seems to really like it), those pictures are making me miss it! love them!

Marion said...

woa ! the most impressive monstera i've ever seen !!

querido diário said...

For what you show us i would love to live in Mlebourne :)