Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And back in LA

Los AngelesLos AngelesBurritos in LAYuca's BurritosLos AngelesUntitledThe beautiful Cookbook store in Echo Park

We looked forward to spending some more days in LA before we flew back to Sydney from Spring into Autumn. The palm trees, the magical light before the sun sets, the great places to eat. One of them Cookbook, where we went a couple of times to get a nice pastry or pieces of fruit or just had a look a their wonderful cookbooks they sell. The couple who is running Cookbook also have a wonderful restaurant Cortez but I will show you more about this in my next post.


Lissa Snapp said...

I have loved seeing all your sunny shots of California! I was there this past winter and so nice to be reminded of such a pretty place. Thanks for sharing! Hope you guys had a lovely trip!


querido diário said...

this made me smile :)

Debie Grace said...

I really like the photos. You makes me want to dive into it. LA looks very great. Thanks for sharing these photographs ;)

Little Girl Lost said...

I'm in love with the 'liqour store' sign shot - for some reason I always love seeing photos of signs like these. So much character! Soph