Sunday, April 1, 2012

Melbourne ONE

My friends place / Melbourne
Cafe Cibi / Melbourne
Cafe Cibi / Melbourne
Japanese breakfast at Cafe Cibi / Melbourne
Cafe Cibi / Melbourne
Cafe Cibi / Melbourne
Third Drawer Down / Melbourne
Third Drawer Down / Melbourne
Third Drawer Down / Melbourne

I went down to Melbourne to visit a friend last weekend.
Melbourne is such a great city and has so many great areas to explore, places to eat, cafes to sit in and amazing coffee to drink. I was looking forward to this weekend since weeks and had such a great time...that I already look forward to my next trip

I could stay with my friend at her beautiful place (#1). She showed be a couple of her favorite places, such as cafe Cibi at which we had an amazing Japanese breakfast on Saturday morning. (#2-6). In the back of the cafe they have an area with beautiful Japanese ceramics, kitchen tools, books and other bits and pieces for sale.
I loved the light which came through the big windows front on this Saturday morning and just the nice atmosphere of this place with its open kitchen and all the delicious food which got taken out of it. I could have spend hours there looking around.

Another favorite of mine is the Third Drawer Down shop (#7-9). Every time I come into this shop I don't know where to look first. They have such a great collections of magazines, small/big/design-ey things there....So worth to check out.

Happy first of April!


anne louise said...

aaahhh, they're all so wonderful!

you definitely have a talent for noticing things that most - including me, probably! - would just walk by.

and it was so lovely to meet you x

glad you had a great time, and i look forward to catching up with you again, be it in sydney or melbourne or wherever! x

sunkentreasure said...

lovely places- lovely photos!
have a good weekend

kristina - no penny for them said...

wow, how beautiful that looks! i would love to stop and sit at that japanese café. really love the faded quality and the light in these photos, maria!

Kristina said...
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Kristina said...

oh du warst hier in melbourne? wie schön!! ich liebe auch die vielen cafés hier, jedes für sich ist einfach wundervoll! schönen sonntag abend und grüsse aus melbourne, kristina

Belinda said...

I've been waiting to see these photos! :) And of course, you have not disappointed. I think it's time for another trip to Third Drawer Down for me.

It was super duper great to catch up. I'm already planning a trip to Sydney at the end of the year so hopefully we can catch up then. And next time you come we have to go to Mr Kitly!

Have a lovely week! xx

Caterpillar71 said...


irgendwie bin ich vor einiger Zeit auf Deinen Blog gestoßen und schaue immer mal wieder rein. Ich mag Deine Bilder und die Art, wie Du Dein Leben darstellst. Es wirkt leicht und unbeschwert (wird's wohl auch nicht immer sein). Sehr schön. Ich freue mich, wenn ich immer mal wieder vorbeischauen darf.

Herzliche Grüße aus Oberfranken

máni said...

i love these! how washed out and vintage they looks like a great place. through your eyes it sure does!

frost said...

Ah, Melbourne. LOVE that city! Third Drawer Down looks interesting!

P R I M O E Z A said...

lovely to see melbourne through your lens.

jana said...

Diese Orte sehen so wundervoll aus Maria. dieses japanische cafe vor allem...

Irene said...

Wunderbar. Das ist wie eine Märchenwelt für mich.

MANDY said...

I love Melbourne so much, I could happily move there tomorrow ... I'm planning to take my daughter Meg for a trip in August.

Anonymous said...

i love the first one so so much!

Tamara said...

So I have never been to the Third Drawer Shop - I'm going to try tomorrow - really I am:) xx

Margaux said...

Your pictures are very nice!! :-)