Sunday, April 29, 2012

Autumn colors

Window 2
Window 1
Window 3
Bourke Street Bakery - again :)

It is a sunny Sunday morning here in Sydney.
I picked up a new roll of film on Friday....I hope you enjoy the Autumn colors as much as I do. The light, the shapes, the browns, the changing leaves and different kinds of green. It is my favorite season....I love the the blue skies and the crisp air, wool tights and jumpers, warm soups...Before I moved here I would have never thought to live my Autumn love here, but I can :)

>> I love the last interviews on the Freunde fuer Freunde blog, but I especially adore this shelf
>< An interview with me


Belinda said...

I'm enjoying the autumn colours and crisp air, too. And the tights wearing!

What a nice little interview on Jessica's blog. I like how you say that you just go out with a camera and don't have anything in mind about what you are going to capture until it is right in front of you. I think that shows in your photos - I feel like I am sharing that moment with you when I look at them. And now that we have met in person, I can really see that your photos are an extension of you as a person. It's nice.

I'd like shelves like that in my house, although it would encourage more book buying to fill it up. I already have so many books!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

Ida Thue said...

The more I see of your lovely Sydney life, the more I want to go to Australia. It looks like such a lovely place!

marie said...

"summer in winter,winter in springtime...";)

autumn is my favourite season too. at first I was afraid there would be no dreamy autumn haze in new zealand.Now it's so delightful

I love your photos!

melski said...

gorgeous! happy autumn :-)

WSAKE said...

always thought i love autumn best but now i just can´t get enough of spring... maybe my love for the seasons changes with them - which of course would be perfect.
the shelf is awesome - already thinking of replacing some of my own, although this MDF wood looks pretty amazing glazed slightly white...

Anna Emilia said...

Dear Maria,

Happy Sunday morning to your evening!

For today they promise already +15 degrees, in an hour I will take my bike and ride it to a high hill, where all the small wooden houses are bathing in sunshine. There in the sight tower, probably there is a long queue outside it, but there they have the best and most fresh sugared buns in town and I will be part of that queue and wait patiently for my (vegan!) sugared bun. Then it is downhill almost all the way back home. Or maybe a tea cup or two could be enjoyed on the way. Small stops. In sunshine.

Yesterday my bike was filled with light blue and darker blue violets. They wait on my balcony to get into the pots.

The seeds of Iceland Poppies that I got from you I have not yet decided where to put to grow. Either to my grandmother´s yard or then I throw them from my balcony to my neighbors yard that no one takes care of and is more like a meadow anyway. I think that I go for the first option.

Now, it is time to wash my bike and put a new bell to it as the old one broke. A bit of oil to the gears and then I will be pedaling happy.

Enjoy those woolen things and warm colors of your season.

Many hugs!

Irene said...

Diese Fotos sind wieder einmal ganz, ganz toll :) Danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog.

Anne said...

Autumn is always so exciting! The third shot with all the leaves outside the window is so beautiful and enticing! It makes the rain seem really appealing, too.
You're making me miss autumn so much! There is really nothing like that crisp fall air. Enjoy it for those of us in the northern hemisphere!

SJ said...

after last week's crazy rain, the weather has been lovely in sydney. I adore autumn, it's such a nice time of year with all the beautiful colours and crisp air! Plus Surry Hills/Darlinghurst look particularly nice as well :)

MANDY said...

Oh Maria I loved your little interview and I always love seeing Sydney through your eyes .... this lot are just great !!!

schlawittchen said...

Thank you so much for linking to "Freunde von Freunden". It's amazing!!! I totally fell in love with this one: