Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A trip out of the city

The Blue Mountains
Hiking in the Blue Mountains

When you live in a big city, days, weeks, even months can go by without leaving it. It seems like a little world on its own. But when you do the step out of it you ask yourself after a while why you didn't do this a lot earlier.

We have been to the Blue Mountains on the weekend and it was really beautiful. The blue dust, which the trees seem to 'breathe' out lies like a cloud over these mountainous area. We were hiking between the big Eucalytus trees, stones and waterfalls breathed in the fresh air into our lungs.

Thank you so much for all your great comments on my last pentax posts. I filled in a new roll of film and hope I can show you soon some more pictures of our Blue Mountains trip.

I wish you all good start into the new month.
I hope March will be a bit quieter than February



P I A said...

Gorgeous! Lucky you!

máni said...

oh how beautiful is that first photo! makes me want to take a deep breath!

luckily i am going on a short trip to the sea tomorrow. escaping berlin. i really need it!

i'm looking forward to your photos from the trip.

Marion said...

ah the blue moutains ! eucalytus trees, i love this smell so much !

Trula said...

Such beautiful fotos. Like the hat and 'Kopftuch' on the sign. I went out of the city as well this weekend and like you said, it's a different world out there. The change of colour scheme somehow took me by surprise.

Trixi said...

Wie schön, es war hoffentlich nicht so warm? Sieht zumindest auf den Bildern angenehm bewölkt aus :) Ich muss auch bald wieder raus!

jana said...

wie gut sich das anhört! ich war schon ewig nicht mehr in der natur habe ich das gefühl...wenigstens fliegen wir nächstes wochenende nach münchen zu meiner schwester. das ist auch schon mal ein luftwechsel :)

Anonymous said...

such wonderful photos :)

and i know what you mean about realising one day that you haven't been away for ages: when i came up to sydney in january it was my first time leaving melbourne - besides to visit mum and dad about an hour away - for more than a year..! sad, really!

but i have two more trips to sydney planned in the next couple of months (mental note: book flights!) so i look forward to continuing to explore more than just outside my front door. now if only i could afford a trip to new york...