Sunday, March 27, 2011

This week

The Oaks
the café next door

I had the pentax with me all week, hanging around my neck, lying in my backpack or carrying in my hands - ready to take out whenever I see something I would like to capture. On Thursday I thought I will not be able to fill the roll till the weekend...but well it is the weekends and the many walks I do which show me things most of the times...Here are the first pictures of the third film I took...

We got lots of rain this week, can you see it is getting Autumn here....?

A very nice little clip



Elisabelle said...

love your film photos!

Anonymous said...

great shots, I love them :)

MANDY said...

Love your film shots, that first one is just wonderful, isn't it nice to not be so hot, I'm loving it !!!

stl said...

Autumn for you, spring for us...I like your pictures, what kind of films do you use?

Txell said...

You've a new follower!
I like your photo, overwise the first one.
Have a cozy saturday!

snygg said...

Beautiful collection of pictures!
Autumn, how strange to think of while spring is slowly making its way round here :)

schorlemädchen said...

thank you so much for your wonderful comments..The film I am using is a Fuji 400 xtra

ANNA said...

Liebes Schorlemädchen!

Danke für Dein wunderbares Kommentar kürzlich auf meinem Blog - ich habe mich sehr gefreut!

Was ganz grossartig wäre, wenn Du vielleicht ein paar Minütchen dafür findest: BLOGGOLD (link)

Alles Liebe und frühlingshafte Grüsse aus Zürich!!!

ANNA said...

Ach ja und nicht zu vergessen: Deine Fotos und Blogposts sind auch immer vom Feinsten..:) Es macht Freude Dich in Deinem Blog zu besuchen!!
Lustig, Herbstfotos zu sehen ^^

Anne said...

Nice blog you have, love your photography!