Monday, January 10, 2011

hot days and some more knitting

mini avocados
at the markets
some more colourful woolthe new project

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my last post and all your nice wishes for the new year.
It was so good to go through all the images I took during the last year, to remember many moments and also realise that all the changes, actually really happened.

Here are a few images from my last Saturday. It was a very hot Summer day and pretty humid, too.. We visited the markets and made a wonderful cous cous salad with all the fresh veggies we got there. I will take an image next time we make one again. We also added lots of fresh herbs, it was wonderful.
Oh and look, after I (finally) finished my long-time knitting project I started a new one, this time I am using the perl pattern. It is wonderful to see it growing.

Have a great week,


Barbara said...

those are great! they make me miss summer so much!

Nicky said...

What a lovely, colourful and happy post! Just what I needed, ; )

sc said...

Seeing your summer pictures makes me glad. Sometimes it feels that all the other world outside Thailand is covered with snow ;)

KERRY said...

gorgeous pictures! So jealous of your sunshine! I love the look of your new knitting project. Lovely colours. I look forward to seeing its progress :-)

Tanaa said...

What a nice , colourful and sunny post!

Jasmine Mirra said...

I'm so jealous of your very hot summer days!
Were freezing in Montreal!

jana said...

Wie süss diese Babyavocados.
Und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum fertigen Schal!!
Hier fängt gerade die letzte Woche des Semesters an, ich sitze mir den Po in der Bibliothek vorm Computer platt, und dein Päckchen liegt immer noch unabgeschickt bei mir rum...buh. Wie blöd, das tut mir leid, wie lahm ich bin. Aber ab dem 20. wird alles besser :)
Liebe Grüsse und geniess den Sommer!

jennifer said...

Beautiful beautiful yarn!

MANDY said...

Lovely .... we are coming to Sydney next week, we might try to catch up !!!

Anja said...

Great photos, great colours!

Longuette said...

I love knitting so much!!!
Love these pictures ans my favourite is the first one.


lotte said...

oh ja!! stricken macht so nen spaß!! ich bin grade aufm häkeltrip.;)) -- irgendwie ist es immer wieder komisch, sommerfotos zu sehn, wenn hier winter ist.. trist-trüb-dunkel aber liebe grüße aus berlin, lotte.:)

Melanie said...

i miss sydney! back in cold grey london. hope you got my email? sorry we didn't meet up. i LOVE that pretty wool!! where is that from?