Friday, August 6, 2010

Another day, another walk

A bench in the Winter sun...
Hey Sydney, it's me...Maria
disco window..I smiled when I saw this
A spottet heart.... <3
A beautiful pool....
blurry...but still remarkable
in the Botanic Gardens..
I really need to take care when I cross the streets here...Or remember just look the exact other way you are used to : )
A few images from my four hours walk to and through the Botanic Gardens yesterday. I really enjoyed walking in there..and it seems surreal to me when at some point I suddenly saw the Opera House in front of me....It still has this postcard - image to me if you know what I mean...
There is lots to explore here...I wander around and look and see and enjoy...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. They really mean a lot ... and it is great to get to know a few of you who I haven't 'met' before : )

I wish you a wonderful weekend


#1 a bench and its shadow
#2 Hi Sydney, it's me...and wearing my red wool hat
#3 I know..another one of the feet images...I like these tiles which you see a lot here
#4 'disco' window
#5 A heart in the window
#6 ...
#7 four here...
#8 a pool, which seemed so pretty to me and calm
#9 blurry opera house
#10 green in the gardens
#11 the flying foxes the biggest bats hanging in the trees of the Botanic Gardens. Will says they look like huge bats wearing leather jackets : )
#12 so colourful
#13 I think the people here see that I am from Europe just how I enter the street. Most of the times I look into the wrong direction
#14 The leaf was lying on the street in front of our apartment. I think it looks like a mouth


Anna Emilia said...

These tickle my heart, the season you have there and all the new in front of your steps, the adventure! Hello lovely red hat + girl!

(Now I wish the autumn would come a bit sooner :)

Riccardo said...

I really would like to have a winter like that, here in Bayern, now, is not even summer like that....Enjoy it!

Take heart said...

Oh yes, I known what you mean !
Love picture #2 & #13 !
Have a great Weekend

Tiffany said...

the image of the pool is just wonderful.

ww said...

i love #1 and #10, and the last pic (forget number it is what when i write this) the best!
yes, it looks like a mouth to me too. uhum.

Boris said...

love the pool picture! I'm actually going to take some pictures of a pool tonight, so thanks for the inspiration ;)


MrsLittleJeans said... feels like I was walking there with you! Have a great weekend!

Marion said...

Love love love these !
Nice hat Maria !
Have a great weekend !

Bárbara said...

lovely set!!

jana said...

hej! lieben dank für deinen comment auf meiner seite. leider bin ich gar nicht mehr in ny sondern längst wieder in barcelona...arbeite nur die tonnen von fotos ab, die ich dort gemacht habe. wie geht es dir am anderen ende der welt? ich beneide dich vor allem wegen des wetters: mantel mütze und trotzdem so eine sonne! wunderbar!
liebe grüsse!

MANDY said...

So glad you are liking Sydney, your shots are just wonderful ..... and the ones in the previous post, I was in Surry Hills on the same day !!!