Friday, July 30, 2010

The last days

I love bread with cucumber
The field next to my parents house favorite berry
In my grandmothers garden
My grandmothers garden
in the garden
Our dog
A cup of tea
A cup of tea
In my aunties garden
In my aunties garden
My sister turned 17 today

I am back at my parents place since a couple of days and it feels really special ...
a bit like I moved back as all my stuff is now here and packed into shelves, closets or brought up to the attic...but also very much like I do things and see people the last time for a long time...It can be a weird feeling being in a farewell mood for a few weeks, sad because of goodbye hugs and chats but also really exciting when I think about everything which is waiting..
I am so glad that I could spend time with the people I care about so much...
and also do things at home I quiet like to do....

#1 enjoyed the fresh taste of a bread with butter and cucumber
#2 The wheat field right next to my parents house
#3 our neighbour is selling all sorts of berries and I love their blueberries. One day I couldn't help myself and ate one pound of them and also one pound of raspberries..Oh Summer!
#4/5/6 In my grandmothers garden...which is full of memories
#7 Our dog who likes to relax on the bench
#8/9 Some great green tea and a chat on a Summer evening
#10/11 In my auntie's garden
#12 My sister turned 17 today. We baked cakes for an afternoon tea this morning. There were some raspberries and blueberries involved : )

.....Next time when you read from me I will be in Sydney...

Take care

// Maria

I can't ever come back, If I never go
I don't ever explain, if I never know
I won't ever take it, if I never give
and if I never live, if I never live, if I never live...


Nicomi Nix Turner said...

These shots are great, Maria! looks like a beautiful day.

Bon Voyage!

E R I N said...

mmmmmm i wish i has access to berries like that!!

gorgeous pictures xx

merel said...

I can feel the memories and the pain of saying farewell trough the pictures..Enjoy all the moments and wishing you strenght the next days. Hold on! The photo´s are beautiful!

bastisRIKE said...

everything will be fine :)

(perhaps sometime, you'll find the time to share the blueberrie-cake-recipe? it looks so delicious.)

marie said...

happy traveling, your home will always be there for you if you need it:)

Trixi said...

Oh du fliegst ja heute!!!

Alles Liebe & Gute, hab eine nicht ganz so anstrengende Reise :) Ich freue mich dann auf die ersten Neuigkeiten aus Sydney!

melski said...

Safe travels :) Really like your teapot shot

WSAKE said...

amazing pictures! i hope good bye wasn´t too hard...have a save trip!

Melanie said...

lovely photos. i know exactly how you feel! safe travels. look forward to your posts from sydney. x

Bárbara said...

lovely photos. glad you enjoyed your time with your parents, looks like you really did!!


sunkentreasure said...

how excited! can't wait to enjoy your pics from your new life in Sydney! have safe flight dear, all the best x x x

Marion said...

Enjoy your new life a lot !

Anna Emilia said...

Have wonder in your eyes on the way!

Irene said...

gute reise!
übrigens haben meine eltern genau das gleiche geschirr, gmundner keramik :)

●• Thereza said...

wow those colours!
good luck with the new adventure in Sydney :) i'll sure be peeking from here

Maggie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This set of photos seems almost bittersweet--and I love the quote you paired it with. All the best in Sydney!

Earny from Earncastle said...

tolle fotos!!

claire said...

can't wait to see your flip side!