Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Random shots, Sydney AustraliaRandom shots, Sydney AustraliaRandom shots, Sydney AustraliaRandom shots, Sydney Australia

Four random shots I took in Sydney, I like how the colours fit together somehow and how every shot is transporting memories with it - one reason why I love photography so much.

#1 milk crates waiting to get picked up on our old street, I saw them most days when I walked to work and always loved their colours
#2 My walk to work was a beautiful 40 minutes walk through the botanic gardens along the water, through the city and crossing a bridge. This one I took one day on my way there.
#3 Waratah's at our local market in Potts Point, I adore their colour and shape. Such a beautiful flower.
#4 A typical Saturday lunch at our house in Sydney

While typing this it is raining and very windy here in Hamburg. The trees outside our house are moving intensely and the sky is grey. The little person is sleeping on my lap since an hour and it is one of the best feelings. It has been a very quiet day and we are enjoying this. We already had a few nice Sping-ish days and I am so excited and look forward to going out for long walks and away to the sea for the weekend and to wearing t-shirt and sandals....

> Have you listened to the new Sufjan Stevens album (Carrie & Lowell), its so beautiful.
>> Jamie Oliver is such a legend, I just signed his petition to educate kids better about food.

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claudyayrine said...

Woah thanks for Sufjan's new album info! I'm always a big fan of his work.
and oh my, your pictures are really great and refreshing!
I'm glad I found your blog,
keep writing.