Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the other side


On a calm Sunday morning, we went over the bridge to look at the city from a different angle...

>> Have a look at the wonderful shop of the creative father-daughter duo behind the brand WSAKE
<< Each update on Marion's blog seems to let me say a little wow, I love her work so much
>< Really enjoyed the colours in this post


WSAKE said...

quite envious of the spring you´re having... and thank you so much for the link love:)

those pastels are amazing!

Barbara said...

Those photos are so pretty! i hope to visit sydney one day

Marion said...

Aw dear Maria <3 Thank you ! And Sydney looks good through your eyes !
Big hugs !

Holly said...

Where is that pool/what is it called?

maria said...

@Holly: This is Maccallum Pool!

Sunny blossom said...

amazing photos! i like the view through the tree to NY :)
greats Sandi <3