Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Morning swims in Perth


Last month we spend five days in Perth and went almost every morning to the ocean for a swim. It is the first thing we did after waking up and I love it so much. The beaches are different in the west compare to Sydney. The sand is super soft and the water a bit warmer and so incredibly clear and blue. You can see so many elder people swimming laps or just going into the water to get a bit wet, chatting to others during their beach walk or having a black tea after their swim.
The Beach is a wonderful thing!


Annabanana said...

Beautiful photos!!!

ingeborg said...

Pretty colours!

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. I'm totally fallen in love with these photos :) I love the colours. And I don't know why, but the second photo is defenitly one of the most beautiful photos I've seen the last weeks :)

máni said...

aaahhh...das sieht einfach traumhaft schön aus.

querido diário said...

uau what a blue sea :*

élise said...

beautiful shots !