Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lots of food & a drink


I got a roll of film back and noticed all the random food photos I took lately. (and also one of Will's drink at his birthday dinner). It is getting Autumn here, v e r y slowly though as it is still over 25C and sunny but officially its Autumn and I look forward for the change in the produce and colder days (hopefully still sunny :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did a weaving class yesterday and I am really excited about this craft. Will hopefully be able to show you some results after I am done with my first project soon

Have a great start into the new week,

PS for those who are curious :)
#1 roasted beetroot & yoghurt spread
#2 cous cous with herbal paste
#3 a Christmas lunch feast
#4 Ottolenghi meatballs (amazing receipe!!)
#5 an untidy kitchen
#6 Americano
#7 Quinoa salad with avocado
#8 just cooking


WSAKE said...

everything looks so delicious... mmmh...

A L M A . said...

ach du sieht das fantastisch aus!
und könntest du mir verraten, woher diese zauberhaften salatgreifhände stammen?
herzlich, alma

Rebecca said...

Beautiful, all of them! The food and the colors and the light, I want to eat it all. Everyday film is the best...

querido diário said...

everything seems so delicious,Maria :)

Have a great week!

Agnes Wentzel Blank said...

gaaaaah I love this post, food is awesome, but most of all: great photos!!

Irene said...

Maria, diese Fotos sind toll, da bekomme ich große Lust, mit dir zu kochen :)

Glücksmädchen said...

Hi Maria,
tooolles Essen bei euch - as usual :)
liebe Grüße,

tine said...

sooo schön maria

Fräulein Julia said...

Ich bin gespannt auf dein Web-Projekt! Ich habe vor einem halben Jahr damit angefangen & finde es absolut inspirierend & sehr entspannend, mal wieder handwerklich tätig zu sein.

anna.n said...

I can look and look at your pictures of food:) beautiful:)