Thursday, December 20, 2012


Summer glow
Summer glow
Summer glow
Summer glow

It is Summer. I drink hot tea to cool down and look forward to next week. Some days off to relax, read books, work on little projects and to feel salty water on your skin drying in the sun after a cold swim in the sea.

I was looking through the photos of the last year and will post a little review in the next couple of days.

So long, here are some photos I shot with my pentax which I got out of its box after not using it much.

It is Summer and the city is glowing.



Anna said...

beautiful light

Debie Grace said...

Yes, I like the light of these photos too! ;)

small caps said...

Ich trinke auch heißen Tee, er heißt Sonnenschein, aber die Sonnenstrahlen verstecken sich hinter grauen Winterwolken. :(

Nileta Kotsikou said...

wow! i am freezing right now, but your sunlight pictures make me feel a lot better!