Thursday, September 20, 2012


Cafe Sydney - Cornersmith
Cafe Sydney - Cornersmith
Cafe Sydney - Cornersmith
Cafe Sydney - Cornersmith
Cafe Sydney - Cornersmith

The other Sunday we had lunch at a new-ish place in Marickville called Cornersmith. I had a great beetroot sandwich there and an even better apple ricotta muffin (which I couldn't take a photo off as we ate too fast) :)

The weeks are flying by again and it is Spring here in Sydney now and Summer seems just right around the corner. I can't wait to go for my early morning swims very soon. 

We are so happy after moving into our new place and I hope I can soon show you some photos of the new apartment, I might take some photos on the weekend. 



Anonymous said...

your photos always make me miss australia. immer ein bisschen mehr.

wieder sehr schöne fotos!

Tiffany said...

Can I ask sandwich details Maria? I always use beetroot, and am always looking for more flavor combinations.

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks like a great place

enjoy spring

Anne said...

The sandwich image is so beautiful! Love that light and the soft tones and bokeh!
What exactly other than beets was in that sandwich? It looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful place!

Luisa Brimble said...

oh i took a film or two when we visited Marrickville few weeks ago. yet to be developed and scanned. can't wait. i'm saving all my film. i'd like to invest a scanner.

sunkentreasure said...

lovely tasteful shots!
can't wait to see some pictures of your new place. bye x

ju-s said...

hallo maria, bin schon seit einiger zeit rege schorlemädchen blog besucherin. sehr schöne fotos!
ab dezember gehe ich mit meinem mann für sechs monate nach melbourne. hast du einen tip wie man ein gutes appartement finden kann? vielen dank + liebe
grüße aus hamburg, judith

Yasmin said...

was für ein guter tag!

MANDY said...

I saw pics of this place on Luisa's blog .... it looks so great, think we will have to make a trip out there !!!

Meg said...

That sandwich looks super delicious.

anastasia said...

your blog is great! what i attracted me to it was the beautiful pictures! i loove your kitchen!:) anastasia from