Thursday, January 26, 2012

back in Sydney

back in Sydney
back in Sydney
back in Sydney
back in Sydney
back in Sydney

Back in Sydney.
It is Summer, warm and there is lots of rain coming down.

Five images from last week!



Tracey said...

Beautiful images ... such lovely light and texture there captured.

studio meez said...

I like your pictures and your sweater very much!

Lisa said...

Love your pictures (and your pull)!

Katyha said...

*sigh* I bet it was a very hard leaving your family behind, I can't imagine what it must feel like for a whole year (or more) as the longest I have been away from them is 2 months and they were the longest two months EVER! but Sydney has had fabulous weather lately, not too hot and not too cold and the rain makes it perfect to stay indoors and watch movies or bake a little ;)

seeing your photos makes me want to experiment with film, I don't think I have taken much since 95...a very long time ago. Gorgeous photos as always

Elisabeth said...

These photos are so amazing!
I love the picture with the tree's, such a wonderful green...

amy said...

your jumper is the cutest! it's been such a lovely summer this year, so many nectarines :)

MANDY said...

Lovely .... nice to see you back, and you know I always love your Sydney photos .... Japan looked amazing too !!!