Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tasmania day 2/3

Bruny Island Tasmania
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Oysters by the sea / Tasmania
Woodfired bread at Salamanca Markets in Hobart
Plant seeds at Salamanca Markets / Hobart
Friends backyard in Hobart
Great Lake / Midwest Tasmania
Lunch on the road
Maria and the fresh sourdough

How as your weekend been so far?
Rain, wind, sun, wind rain, thunderstorm is going on here.

Thank you so much for all your great comments on my Tasmania images. It was a wonderful trip and this time last week I was still breathing the fresh air of this beautiful place. I hope I don't bore you, but here is the second last post with images from the trip.

#1/2 still day two on Bruny island, this strip is called 'the neck', we walked up the wooden steps to enjoy the spectecular view over the island
#3 we got fresh oysters and had them at the sea. They tasted like the fresh ocean on your tongue
#4 just mail boxes
#5 on Saturday we went to the famous Salamanca markets and got some fruits and bread for our trip to the Cradle Mountains
#6 we passed a wonderful stall where you could get seeds, I loved the Iceland poppies in October so much and got myself some seeds
#7 Before we hit the road we had coffee with a friend and I adored their hidden backyard with all their flowers, plants and veggie patches...
#8 On the way up north passing the great lake. Breathtakingly beautiful landscape!
#9/10 lunch
#11 !


Neus said...

Precious!! I hope to visit this wonderful island in the future!! I really like your photos!

Lisa said...

Very pretty pictures, Maria. I really love the wall with all the plants. Looks like you had a wonderfull time.

joana said...

beautiful photos! i love the luch set. it resembles so much the picknicks at my the little escapades!

Irene said...

Ich bekomme von deinen Fotos starkes Fernweh. Besonders das letzte Foto hat es mir angetan... Wunderschön!

alessandra said...

all beautiful! I like your little picnic :)
here the weather is crazy too, the wind is so strong that we couldn't sleep last night fearing that the roof was coming down!

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

I look absolutely gorgeous!

rike said...

ich bekomme von deinen fotos immer hunger ;)

freundlich grueßt

Ana said...

Mmmmmm oysters, I love them!

This weekend it's been too hot. I'm afraid of the upcoming summer.


Joy said...

these are absolutely wonderful

Anonymous said...

brilliant photos, they remind me of my trip to tasmania a couple of years ago - mit einer schönen schicht farbfilm.

- cindy

P R I M O E Z A said...

these are so good! those oysters must've been amazing.

Dawn M said...

Each shot is just so inviting. We loved visiting our local beach this weekend x

hiki said...

Such beautiful photographs!! Looks like you had a wonderful time there, I LOVE Tasmania! (though it was a looooong time ago when I went there....)
I hope you enjoy the beautiful Aussie summer! (so jealous as it's getting pretty cold here in Tokyo!)

Amanda Jane Jones said...

my pretty!

martita said...

dear maria, i discovered your blog short time ago and i can't stop going through it, you take so beautiful photos!! I don't have words enough to express how much i like them!! I love the photos of food that you take, they always make me hungry :)
Lots of kisses,

Ameesha Lee said...

Hi Maria, I just stumbled across your lovely bog today & thought I would say hello! Your pictures are making me soooooo homesick, I'm from Perth & used to live in Sydney (in Glebe! Oh the markets!) & have been reminiscing after seeing your amazing photos. What a beautiful place! Enjoy the sunshine, soon it will be snowing for me. :)

melski said...

gorgeous! happy tuesday :-)