Monday, December 13, 2010


I love apricots
Cards for Christmas
Summer juice

It is already Monday morning here and 20°C...and I just had a quick chat to my family, who told me about all the snow back home. It is sometimes weird to realise that I am in the opposite season right now than everyone at home.

A Summer weekend lies behind me. We got up at 7am on Saturday to go for a swim in Bondi. The water was 16°C and when I ran inside it felt like needles all over me. It was quiet refreshing though and nice to get dry from the not-so-hot morning sun while sitting at the beach.

#1 On our way to Elizabeth Bay we passed that house and I just imagined the amazing view they must have from their balcony
#2 my favourite tiles and a hand :)
#3 We had a very little picnic
#4 At the farmers market, I love apricots
#5 Before we leave the flat this is what I see
#6 Some crafting for Christmas
#7 A fresh juice on a Sunday morning

How are you? I realize how much I enjoy swimming lately, either early in the morning or just when the sun is about to go down in the evenings......



Anna Emilia said...

Looks very pretty dear Maria.

Here the weekend has been a nice slow one, I still did bicycle in the snow a lot, but today (at the moment -22°C) it has been too cold for that and I left visiting downtown for tomorrow. But that was good, a beautiful sunset was seen behind the small lake from my windows and a deep nap, well needed, took place on my sofa.

Hello to your summer sofa and woolen knittings!

Trixi said...

Mmh, sehr sommerlich-einladend die ersten 2 Bilder :)

Wir kommen gerade von einem vorweihnachtlichen Treffen mit meiner Familie & gestern haben wir Freunden beim Umzug in ihr eigenes Haus geholfen. Morgen ist unser erster Urlaubstag und wir haben noch eineinhalb entspannte Tage bevor wir losfliegen :)

Longuette said...

love your blog, if you don't mind, I am going to add u to my fav!


ann.meer said...

ach maria, wollen wir nicht tauschen, hier sind es minus grade und ich wünsche mir den sommer zurück.
deine dezemberpost wird bald abgeschickt und ich hoffe sie erreicht dich noch im dezember!
ich klopfe mir auf die schultern, damit alles rechtzeitig fertig ist :)

Tana said...

Difficult to imagine summer when it is a deep winter and - 35 here. Anyway bright summer colors make its effect!

MANDY said...

Lovely as usual ... love your summer footwear !!!

Julia said...

wow, bin ein bisschen neidisch (aber wirklich nur ganz wenig) weil du gerade sommer hast... in wien hatten wir grade den schönsten schnee, und wenn alles weiß ist, ist es auch viel heller draußen. jetzt hats aber getaut und die stadt hat das weiß in grau verwandelt - weniger prickelnd.
der libellenbecher auf dem picknickfoto gefällt mir sehr^^

Anne said...

Great set of photos. I especially love the tiles and the picnic, but the juice is appealing too!

jana said...

mmmh wohlig sommerich...wenn ich deine füsse in der sonne lange genug ansehe, werden meine vielleicht auch wärmer :)
hab übrigens heut morgen eine leere nachricht von dir in der mail gehabt. lieben gruss!!

Barbara said...

these summery images make me jealous

amanda jane said...

I love those sandals. really love them.

Kristina said...

Sieht nach einem schönen Wochenende aus!! Und ja, ich bin ganz arg neidisch, dass es bei Euch gerade Sommer wird... Bin absolut kein Wintermensch :)
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

Marion said...

I love to come here and feel summer while I'm freezing ! Great shots Maria !

Melanie said...

love the tiles and the hand shadow! i can't wait to go for a swim when i arrive in sydney!

Nicky said...

Hallo. I've just discovered your blog and I love your photos. So colourful and varied. And it is so nice to see there is sun and warmth there! The snow is getting a bit boring here....

Magdalena Sander said...

Hey Schorlemädsche :-D,

your stories to all the pictures are very personal and beautiful like reading a book. Wish you a wonderful 2011 in Sydney.
You know, home is where your heart lies.