Sunday, November 28, 2010


Juice in the morning

I was lazy this week with taking pictures. I realised that I just took three images the whole week!

#1 One of a nice fresh juice Will made me before I left for work.

#2 Another one of summer fruits. I enjoy them a lot and oh the mangos are in season now too.

#3 I passed this house today when I visited a friend in Bondi. I liked the symmetric, the green the stripes with the bricks - everything

I am very flattered that Mandy wrote a post about me on her beautiful and inspiring blog. Have a look here.

Have a wonderful week


sandra said...

oh maria, that last picture, love everything about it! hope you've got much rest this weekend. <3

jana said...

oh, mangos, und aprikosen! ich hoffe dein wochenende war schön.
ich hab mich mit meinem computer heute zu meinen eltern verzogen, hier gibt's plätzchen, überzuckerung und adventsstimmung. auch schön :)
wünsch dir einen guten wochenbeginn.

MANDY said...

Love the Bondi place ... and it was my pleasure to do a post on you, have a great week.X

fast times in münchen. said...

oh I have those marimekkos bechers on my xmas list. miss summer fruits. it`s been snowing here! x

Kerry said...

It was lovely to find your blog through Mandy's. Lots to love :)

Barbara said...

these are fantastic nonetheless! i've been so lazy lately too!

Anonymous said...

sag, darf ich dich fragen was du arbeitest oder eigentlich wie du es machst/was du machen mußt, UM überhaupt arbeiten bzw. bleiben zu können?
das ist ja in australien gar nicht so einfach, oder?

Olga said...

Fantastic photos...Thank you for sharing…always enjoyed!

Becca McCallum said...

Amazing photography. I love the colours and combinations of texture. Have noted your site and will be back to look some more!

(also like how you have little 'footnotes' about the images you took)

Hannah said...

Oh yum!! It's the perfect time for nectrines at the moment.
Hannah x

Nicki said...

bei dir kann man ein bisschen sonne tanken! :)