Friday, September 10, 2010


299 w/ wholes
mirror and me
Steel and Pattern
great tiles

#1 We got a blender the other day and made a breakfast smoothie this morning. It was sooo good.

If have been out for a walk this afternoon.... Here are the few of the snapshots I took...

#2 pink
#3 APT
#4 It just grabbed my attention. The stripes, the signs...sort of everything - click
#5 299 with wholes
#6 mirror and me
#7 pattern and steel
#8 half
#9 I just love all the great tiles they
#10 Flat white

Thank you so much for all your nice comments on the pillow case I made. I will show you more of the things I sew soon..

I wish you all a great weekend


irene said...

oh hallo maria, wie immer freue ich mich, neue fotos von dir zu sehen. besonders gut gefällt mir das vom corner shop.
ich wünsche dir auch ein schönes wochenende!

e v e l y n k a said...

oh was ein schöner mantel! darf man erfahren, woher der ist?!

jasmin said...

hi maria.
you are really capturing the beautiful old art deco design of sydney. the old areas do have a certain charm. you would probably like balmain, glebe, some parts of manly too. oh and definitely coogee and clovelly!

betsi said...

wieder einmal wunderschöne Fotos, die einen tollen Einblick erlauben!

Mandy said...

That looks like a really good flat white !!!

Velvet said...

You are really talented! I love your photographs and the pillow case you made is very cute, I'm looking forward to see more of your creations.

Have a nice weekend!

Earny from Earncastle said...

great flat white! :)

Marion said...

Oh a flat white !

gini said...

bonjour! i could have a lot to recommend, but this is my friend's restaurant i think you might like it:

the eat house dinner
306 Chalmers Street, Redfern
open in the evening from 6pm til 10 pm.
talk soon
ps love the cushion too

jana said...

zweifellos ist sydney voller toller fliesen und gutem kaffee?! schönes wochenende, ich bin schon gespannt auf die nächsten nähprojekte. ich will unbedingt ein kleid machen, habe aber noch keinen stoff (und keine ahnung :), aber das ist nicht so schlimm).

Mandy said...

I have some good pics of Surry Hills and Paddington on my blog at the moment, thought you might like them !!!

HEARBLACK. said...

I wish I had messaged you earlier!
We received your parcel, and loved it
So thoughtful of you.

We have the garland hanging above our kitchen table, and katie uses the keychain on for her bike key every day!

Thanks again - We plan to keep in touch


stephanie renee said...

great pictures as always and i love your outfit!

FeeMail said...

uih der smoothie sieht gut aus. was für einer ist das?

Barbara said...

this are such nice pics!!!!

Pascal said...

I'm not sure but i wonder if your #3 picture is from Potts Point?

Really nice and cool pics!