Friday, May 7, 2010

Hamburg is for lovers II

It was so sunny yesterday but still pretty cold for May
...but enjoyed the sun so much in the morning
and in the evening too..
finding letters on the street
Palm trees in Hamburg
Mrs 7

Oh my, I can't even tell you how overwhelmed I was after I read all your wonderful comments.
Thank you so much for all your kind words.
I am sometimes a bit careful with posting personal things as you just don't know who is out there and reading what you write...but than it was so good to share those news and also to see comments from people I haven't 'heard' from yet and to explore their blogs ...

It is all very exciting..and I am very glad that I made this decisions.
I started being in a farewell phrase already....and I hope I can show you the best sites of Hamburg in my last two months will be sad to leave..but there is another city which wants to get explored : )

Here are a couple of images I took last night when I was out with Frau Sieben...looking for letters on the ground and having a nice tea afterwards while enjoying the view over the harbour...

Have a wonderful Thursday



frauheuberg said...

Its my first post on your blog...also i have you in my reader...but there are so many, you know...but yours is so alive and so authentic...i love your photography and so i had tonight the feeling to wrote this here...i wish you all the best at your wonderful new adventure with the one you love...there is nothing better than to find someone your heart is beaten for...have a great time still here in long...cheers an a little hug...ines

marie said...

i'm sure you will love australia - it's a big move, but life gets interesting when you make big decisions and changes ;)

Marion said...

great bunch of pictures as always.
yes, your last post was full of loooooving feeling. So, So cute, I am really happy for you !

sc said...

Picture with the plastic(?) palmtrees and cranes is amazing! I would love to see it big.

Melanie said...

looks like fun!

sunkentreasure said...

Thank you Marie! they will be up for sale next weekend. It takes so much work to get everything right, but i love doing it. Have a nice weekend!

Anna Emilia said...

Oh! I did not read about your new adventures before this, congratulations Maria! Sydney, wow!

Bon voyage for the new life and enjoy the last months in Hamburg (where I have been a few times shortly, once in a bar listening wonderful poem reading, in German though, but I got a few words at least :)

And happy Sunday!

schorlemädchen said...

@FrauHeuberg: Thank you Ines
@marie: I am very excited..and I am sure I will like it down there
@Marion: Thank you so much for your sweet comment Marion : )
@sc: I think it is not plastic but iron...It looks quiet cool and is called Park Fiction
@Melanie: thank you Melanie
@sunkentreasures:Oh I will have a look for them then : )
@Anna Emilia: Thank Anna Emilia. In which bar have you been. Pony Bar? If you plan on coming before I leave let me know : ) we could have a tea...

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

I just found your blog. Definitely a treat. Beautiful photos.